This game was made for Weekly Game Jam 90: Radioactivity.

WAD to move, press and hold space to jump (or just hold), mouse to aim and left mouse button to throw the fuel rod. Catching is automatic.

You're a hazmat worker in an extremely unsafe nuclear power plant. What, there's fuel rods lying around? Well toss them in a barrel -- that'll show 'em! But don't let your radiation levels get too high or you'll die!

Install instructions

Unzip and run the fuelrodrun executable. Windows only.


FuelRodRun1.2 Desktop 23 MB

Development log


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The levels in this are really challenging and I really like the 8bit graphics. The ambient soundtrack is great as well. 

Thanks! The music is not my own, it's from (CC0) but I did everything else on my own except for the fonts.

I liked the "Hot potato" with the radioactive stick but you should really inform the player that you can pick it up again, have been struggling with that for 3 minutes before realizing

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I suppose I should add an additional graphic in that "tutorial" level that shows the character catching the rod, at the very least.

i didnt know it could be picked up again either , that changes things a lot !

controls are too awkward for me , the throwing just doesnt work well if using a laptop mousepad

Yeah, I think I also made the levels a bit too hard even for someone with a desktop mouse. Might have been better to control the throws with the keyboard (Like in Spelunky) than do mouse controls. I didn't even consider someone playing on a trackpad.

Thanks for the feedback!