WASD to move the boat, hold left mouse to charge and release to cast the line. Move your mouse to maneuver the bobber around. Don't let the fish catch the bobber until they're nice and fattened up! Lure fish into fish of the same type to spawn more fish. Lure fish into fish of a different type to have them eat each other (The larger fish wins).

Try and get the largest fish possible within the time limit.

Made for Weekly Game Jam 93: Fishing.

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fishing, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

Extract all files from ForceFeedingFisherMan_Desktop.zip and run the executable.


ForceFeedingFisherman_Desktop.zip 28 MB


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The movement feels good and the feedback loop is rewarding! 

Although you could maneuver the bobber it felt more satisfying to just cast the line and pull back in and repeat. This was a relaxing game, although I felt a little bad that I caught all the fish, I might have whiped out all the ecosystem in this pond! What will I do tomorrow, all the fish is gone!?

Good job! So long and thanks for all the Fish!

Thanks for playing! I wish I'd had more time to make it more clear that you don't want to catch all the fish -- that seems to be one of the main issues. 


Dangit Thoof, this is too good! This might be one of my favorite jam games ever.