Made for Godot Wild Jam 44: Fragile

A "hot potato" platformer where you have to transport an eternal flame in a glass ball. Meaning, you toss the ball up in the air and have to catch it to avoid it shattering.

Controls: WASD (Movement) Space (Jumping) Mouse/Left mouse (Aiming/throwing) Escape (Pause)

Audio used:

  • Ambient wind from here, by Écrivain on (CC0)

All art/code by me.  @Thoof4 on Twitter, @thoof_dev on Instagram

Mac and linux builds haven't been tested

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, Experimental, Fantasy, jumping, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Side Scroller, Wizards


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Why I cannot continue from the level I reached the last time?

That mage and style overall looks like a game I want to make. A something like Magical Kid Wiz(MSX)+Holy Diver(NES). Maybe a lil bit like metroidvania

I found a glitch where the player dissapears as soon as the glass shatters when i enter a room just frame perfect 

Thanks for the bug report, I was having trouble reproducing this issue :)


Love how the "hot potato" concept is handled here! I really like seeing where there are wide open spaces above the player where it's "safe" to throw the flame upwards.

By the way, I ran into a small bug where when I died from the fire right in the middle of the level transition, so when the I respawned, I was invisible. Dying again made the character visible again.

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I got stuck in a wall :-(

It happened after the transition to a previous scene.

Thanks for pointing it out, will be (hopefully) fixing all those sorts of bugs once the game jam rating period is over :)


Very Cool Idea. Artwork is beautiful. Sadly I couldn't make it far


I'm terrible at this game but it's beautiful!


Really cool idea for the hot potato concept! Just and idea you could also have an area where you need to light torches with your flame

That's actually in the game, just in the last few levels :P

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cool game, love the art. There are a few things I would change. First I wish I could jump with "w" or arrow up, cause it is really hard to press on the space key and use the WASD keys. another thing I think u should have menu throw the game so u could stop the game, and see the game progress as u playing the game.

Added jumping with w/up arrow and added a pause screen with the current room number (Press escape). Thanks for the feedback :)


Really cool game! First off, amazing pixel art... but I'd expect no less from you! The SFX and music are all well chosen, and the game packs a lot of atmosphere and charm.

The mechanic feels very unique. I'm not sure if this is something that's been done before, but haven't played anything quite like it. The built in tutorial works very well, and the difficulty ramps up at a good pace.

Unfortunately, I'm not super good at it... I got stuck on the room with the 3 angled bouncers. I couldn't get the right rhythm going to get up and keep the crystal alive. (Playing at 1am may not be helping either, lol... I'll give it another shot later)

Great work as always!


Thanks for playing Shibey :) The difficulty might be a bit off, I haven't had too many people playtest yet.


I've been stuck on the platform going up and down with the pins facing up. I know the way it goes, but it's quite difficult.  it's good puzzle game

Made that particular room a bit easier by reducing the amount of jumps you have to do :)