Simple endless dungeon crawler made for Weekly Game Jam 92: One Direction.

You have four pieces of equipment -- a sword, a shield, a bow, and a hookshot. However each piece of equipment can only be fired in one direction. Every few seconds your equipment will rotate 90 degrees.

Controls: WASD to move, arrow keys to activate your equipment.

The bow can fire arrows, the sword can swing at enemies and destroy projectiles, the shield reflects projectiles, and the hookshot pulls you towards walls (and can do some damage as well).

Only a few level types at the moment, may add more later.


Download 23 MB


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This is unlike anything ive seen before and it works really well. really nice balance too!

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Oh hey, thanks for streaming another one of my games! Too bad I missed the stream.

I like the idea of making the equipment more mobility focused and the overall objective more about exploration than fighting. As far as the wonky fighting mechanics, I feel like the main thing I would need to do is make it super clear when the equipment is going to change. 

Would have liked to have the player pick up the equipment as they go as a sort of tutorial, but ran out of time.


No problem! Yeah, time is always an issue. Would love to see an updated version for sure. :)


Ha, I love this.  Would love to play a larger version.  Nicely done!


Hey, thanks for playing! It'd certainly be more interesting as a larger version, too bad there's only so much time in the week.