A top down shooter/linear dungeon crawl, made for Weekly Game Jam 100.

Controls: WASD for movement, mouse to aim and shoot, space to dodgeroll.

You only have 100 bullets, but they're reusable. Walk over bullets to pick them back up (No need to pickup the bullets after you kill all the enemies -- you start each level with 100). Shoot boxes for health pickups.

Definitely some bugs -- feel free to point them out.


100BDDesktop0.2.zip 22 MB

Development log


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Cute game


This game is by FAR one of my favorite games on itch.io. So well done and fun to play! The enemies are very creative, I recommend you take this game further! :D

Hey, thanks for playing. I'm considering expanding on it.


You should make some new worlds/levels! this game was so much fun!

Probably won't add anything else to this version of the game, but I am considering redesigning it around the same concept. Haven't started on that yet, though!


The concept is realy cool. The shooting may need some polish. maybe make it a bit more "Juice" like add some effects screenshake or similar.

Added some screenshake and such today, though it's still got quite a ways to go on the polish front!

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Yea just played it again and it really is better then before. And last time i´ve forgot how awsome the blue slimes are. Great Enemy design, really goes with the theme of the game. But still I think the "juiciness" can still greatly be improved. For me the shoot sound is a little dull, then the hit feedback is also not enough for me. I probably would make it, so the enemies would get pushed back a bit when hit (maybe the player too). Also maybe some "blood" effects. You could achive that by just letting the particles, the enemies emit when shot, come out the opposite direction (and make them bigger and stay on  the floor for a couple of seconds), just recomandations

I think because of the nature of the game it can become uninteresting after a while when the shooting doesnt feel satisfying. 

okay this is much critique, but remember: I really love your Game. If you improve on what you allready have this could be a very fun time waster on steam for 5 bucks 

hope I was able to help you <3

Hey, thanks for the specific feedback, especially the bit about the blood going out the other side, I like that. Not going to patch those in now, but I'll definitely remember those things if I decide to work on a full version of the game.


its fun. good job


Really fun. I love the 100 bullet mechanic. It adds urgency to the fight and makes it part strategy game and part action game. Very cool!


Nice game! I really liked the enemy variety you had (the blue jellies were my favorite). Great concept, you could make a whole game out of this. I also enjoyed the music and pixel art!


interesting concept, fun but gets boring after a while, although progressively harder its not too challenging. The game doesn't really live up to its name as your bullets replenish each time you clear a room. This was made within a tight deadline so the game is good when you consider that. 7/10


Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the difficulty -- the levels were thrown together fairly quickly, and I probably added in too many health pickups. I didn't want the player to have to pick up all the bullets so I made the bullets return, but I did think about adding in an enemy that would take the bullets you've fired and run out the door.


i am enjoying this.


I really like the bullet collecting thing. It took me a bit by surprise that my health didn't refill each room like the bullets do. The enemy variety was impressive.


Nice idea:) 

Make it a full game !


Very fun! I actually forgot about the dodge roll, and got wasted on the level with multiple laser sweepers. I love the enemy variety, keeps things fresh as you continue to move on. Nice job!

Thanks for playing!



You should have key rebindings. If I have a hand on the mouse and the other on WASD, it's hard to press space to dodge. I recommend dodge being right click.

Are you using a trackpad? I could definitely see that being an issue on a trackpad. I'll try and take that into consideration in the future


Nice game! I liked the effort put into making sure the controls were well understood.

Yeah, I've had problems in the past with the controls not being clear enough so I tried to make it as blatant as possible!


Hey this is very fun!

Too bad midway I got stuck in a wall :(

Oof, yeah I had that happen to me once during testing but couldn't recreate it or figure out why. Think it has something to do with the dodge.

I got more fun..!!!

Some bullets stuck inside the walls...

I can't pick up theme..!!!

look at this picture "i can't pick them" so i continued with 89 bullets

Hey, thanks for recording video of the game! I should try and fix the bullets getting stuck. You actually get the 100 bullets back at the start of each level for the moment, so it's not too horrible.


Yes. I got 100 bullets at next level


This was so much fun! I liked the concept you've created of picking up you own bullets instead of having to find more ammo. The art style was very nice and the music fit very well to a game like this :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Hey, thanks for playing! I'll try and remember GDWC if I have a game I want to finish up and promote :)


That's great! :D


Hey ^_^ I love the concept of being able to pick up your balls. And I like hedgehog opponents ! (I think they're hedgehog ?) The pixel art is very well done, if you did it yourself it's really good work. Music fits well with the game. Levels are renewed and it's cool to have to dodge enemies and not just shoot them sometimes.

Thanks! All the pixel art was done by me, the music is from here. As for the hedgehog, I was going for a standing armadillo, which... ends up looking a bit like a hedgehog, now that you mention it!


The s key only goes up, can't move left or right or down.

Odd, it's working fine on my end on both chrome and firefox. What browser are you running?


Huh, today it works.  Firefox btw.  Not sure what that was about.  Fun game though!

Weird! Glad it works, doesn't seem like anyone else has had the same issue yet.