You're farming in your backyard garden, and the crops just won't stop growing! Get as many as possible within the time limit!

Controls: WASD/Arrow keys to move, spacebar to harvest crops.

Your hoe harvests four tiles at a time in a randomized pattern. Make sure to get as many ripe crops as possible.

I'm aware of the issue with the hoe/character animations.

Made for Weekly Game Jam 97: Strange Garden.

Music used: Title, Gameplay


Download 22 MB
Download 22 MB


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Good concept :)


Great game! Simple, but really fun. (Something I should probably make note of for my games, hehe)

My only critique would be that the isometric view of the plants occasionally made me misjudge where my dig zone was actually hitting.

Still, awesome job!

Thanks! I'd already made all the assets by the time I realized that a top down perspective would have worked better.


This is really cool.  You've been killing it recently with these jam games, keep it up!


Nice game! My favorite on this jam.