The whole cities' traffic is at a standstill. You're a disgruntled employee who simply wants to get home in time for dinner. It's time to take matters into your own hands and go off-road!


  • W and S to accelerate and decelerate/reverse
  • A and D to turn

CC0 sounds (Also listed with the in-game credits):

Made in a week for Weekly Game Jam #96: Traffic Jam.


Download 23 MB


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I learned that pedestrians better watch out if i'm driving! XD


Love the art, music, particles, and game-play! I would probably add a arrow or something to show which way to go. (I was definitely not completely lost or anything.... heh.... heh...). Fun game! :)

For sure! Ran out of time during the week to add that in.


I am curious how you have made car's movement, it is awesome!


Lots of tweaking the unity rigidbody and how the forces are applied. Lots of adjusting parameters until it felt reasonable.

This was helpful, but I only used a few things from there since I wasn't going for a legitimate simulation.


Oh my good the particle effects for the screaming tires is amazing, I really like drifting to ear that sound, so good. Graphics is also very good, did you make everything yourself? I mean the graphics. At beginning like the others I was having problems with finding the right way maybe you should put a sign like an arrow or something to indicate the way, at least for the first way. Overall good game! Congrats.


Yes I made all the graphics. Most of the sounds were from public domain sources.

I was thinking about doing a directional arrow to show the next checkpoint, but didn't have time :(


I had some problems finding where to go in the beginning, but that's just me being dumb. Once you know where to go and get used to the controls, its really fun to try and beat your PB. Nice level design too, with many turns to drift around!


Another game that I'm terrible at (1/5 is my highscore), but still enjoy! I like the graphic look, especially touches like the tire tracks.

If there was anything that I'd nitpick, it's that some of the destructible objects weren't very clear at first. Not a big deal though, it becomes clear as you play.

Great game!

Good feedback, I was considering doing an outline (like on the pedestrians) to make the player and the destructible objects stand out.


Good fun. I enjoyed the consistent graphics on this game. Seemed very complete.


Once I figured out the route it was nice to go back and try and get a better score. Thank you for making this!

Hey, I really enjoyed this. I liked the way it was sort of a maze and you had to find your way by moving to different blocks through traffic breaks.

The only thing I'd say is that there were times I felt like I had to actively move out of the way of pedestrians who didn't really care about my presence. It feels... well, pretty realistic actually, having commuted in a few college towns, but it might be helpful to have them at least stop if you're heading towards them but trying to slow down in time.

Yeah, I was thinking about having them dive out of the way but didn't get to it in time. They do stop if you collide with them going slow enough, but it'd be good to have them actually look ahead and react in some way.


Hello, nice game here :o

I have some feedback for you (I tested it on the web version) :

  • change volume doesn't seem to work
  • add more controls (ZQSD)

I've got 0 on rating ahah

Thanks for playing :)

Yeah I noticed the volume controls weren't working, sorry about that, may fix later.

I didn't realize that ZQSD was a common control scheme, I'll have to think about including that in the future.


i think you need to give player penalties for touching traffic cars

I agree, probably should have some sort of explosion/particle that happens as well.




Cool game. Controls are a little annoying but still great!


Thanks for playing! Yeah, the car controls were kind of hard to figure out. It's easier to control if you're not accelerating while turning.